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"Medbelle Price Index": Precios (de verdad...) Viagra / Sildenafilo en el mundo 2019

At Medbelle, we’ve seen first-hand how digitisation can make high-quality medical care more accessible for everyone. 
While conducting research into the cities with the best hospital systems, we became aware that one of the biggest disparities across the world when it comes to access to care is the price of medicine. This lead us to commission a study in order to help shed light on this imbalance, in the hope that addressing this important global issue will provide a pathway to greater medical accessibility. 
The result is a comparative index across 50 countries which reveals the differences in cost of some of the most widely recognised and indispensable medications.

We began the study by selecting thirteen prevalent pharmaceutical compounds in order to make a comparison on a pound-for-pound basis of how much medicines cost in different countries, regardless of whether covered by a healthcare system, or paid directly from the individual’s pocket. The medications chosen for comparison span a variety of common conditions; from heart disease and asthma, to anxiety disorders and erectile dysfunction. The average prices of both the brand compound and their generic versions were included in order to have a complete profile of each medication. Lastly, we normalised the dosage size in order to make the price comparable.

Once all these figures were collected, we were able to calculate the median price for each compound around the world, as well as how far the actual price per dose in each country deviates from the median global cost. 
The results range from a +306.82 % deviation in the United States, to -93.93% in Thailand, highlighting a disparity in what patients pay for the same medicine across the world.

The final index compares costs and deviations from the average to reveal the differences in medication prices worldwide.

% Deviation from Median Price and Branded and Generic Price per Dose for all Compounds.
 All currency figures are in GBP

Las marcas varian de manera muy significativa. 
Desde los 61.16 GBP Price/Dose en USA a 7.07  GBP en Noruega. 

Los genéricos también tienen oscilaciones bien marcadas...9.12 GBP en Taiwan (pais en el que la diferencia entre marca/generico es la mas estrecha) y 0.78 GBP en Dinamarca.

España en 8ª posición mantiene precios top para la marca (a excepción de USA) en un rango de 12 a 14 GBP

En este otro grupo de paises (#16º a #50º) el precio de la marca oscila entre los 11.48 GBP de Finlandia y los 0.44 GBP de Irlanda (donde la diferencia con el genérico es irrelevante 0.34 GBP)

Respecto a los génericos el más elevado Israel 5.56 GBP y el mas bajo Colombia con 0.14 GBP

Condition and Compounds

Erectile Dysfunction (Sildenafil
 Sildenafil is a compound used to treat erectile dysfunction. 

The original brand is Viagra, manufactured by Pfizer
Data was mainly collected for the following specifications: 
Compound strength: 50 mg 
Package size: 4 tablets

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