lunes, 29 de abril de 2019

Creatividad: The best of DTC/ More than just TV (II) Do Not Go Gentle. PhRMA: GoBoldly

So much of the discourse around the pharma industry is negative. And in some instances, such as the Epi-Pen pricing scandal, the backlash is warranted. That’s why this campaign, which brings back humanity to the industry by highlighting the people who are advancing the science, is so elegant and vibrant. 
It illustrates the heart and soul these researchers are putting into their work and the reasons why. 
And it’s lovely across channels: The print execution (above), where you have the researcher on one side and the patient on the other, offers a beautiful juxtaposition. What’s unusual about this campaign is it’s not self-serving. 

This feels like a much bigger, aspirational, and even altruistic way to connect with a broader audience. It doesn’t feel defensive and it would’ve been very easy for an industry campaign such as this to come off as such, especially given the anti-pharma feeling that’s out there.


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