lunes, 22 de abril de 2019

Creatividad: The best of DTC/ More than just TV (I)

Asked for her biggest-picture take on the past year or so in DTC advertising, Ogilvy Health’s chief creative officer Samantha Dolin addresses what has emerged as one of the industry’s biggest frustrations with consumer efforts: The focus on 60-second TV spots at the expense of everything else.

When I think of DTC nowadays, I think of something much broader than TV,” she says. “The way we define it is evolving, from just TV and print to creating meaningful connections and interactions in this emerging omnichannel universe. 

Many brands are moving into a more experiential space, which happened outside our category a couple of years ago.

Dolin also notes how what she calls “the less traditional categories” have started to invest more heavily in consumer-facing marketing.

You’re seeing big consumer plays in the oncology space, which has traditionally fallen squarely in the professional [marketing] domain,” she explains, pointing to Merck’s “beautiful” Keytruda spots as a prime example. (Más)

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