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Almirall: Veleidades de la fortuna...Jorge Gallardo


History is uncertain whether it was John D Rockefeller or Henry Ford who became the world’s first billionaire in the early 20th century. It might be an arbitrary distinction, but ever since then generations of entrepreneurs have lusted after membership of the three-comma club.

With some 2,200 members this year, that club is not as exclusive as it used to be. It also has something of a revolving door. The tribulations of the stock market shunt people back and forth across the billionaire line with surprising frequency. The research firm Wealth-X identified 10 people who had remarkably dramatic swings in or out of billionaire status in the past year. Most made or lost their fortunes in China, which is now home to more billionaires than any other country.

FT Wealth details the world’s newly minted billionaires and profiles those who have just slipped out of the club.

Jorge Gallardo, pharmaceuticals. Net worth 2017: $1.1bn. Net worth 2018: $600m. Change: -45 per cent

Barcelona native Jorge Gallardo has spent his whole career serving the pharmaceutical company founded by his father, Antonio Gallardo Carrera, in 1944. 
The company, Almirall, is now best known for its range of acne treatments and skincare products.


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Gallardo came under pressure to sell his family’s 62 per cent stake in 2013, amid challenging times for healthcare companies in southern Europe as governments moved to control costs. Despite calls to consolidate his company with other medium-sized family concerns, Gallardo insisted that he would pass Almirall down to the next generation. Hardly surprising, if you consider that he has worked for the company for 53 years. After earning a PhD in industrial engineering, Gallardo rose through the company to become chief executive in 1997. Almirall hit a rough patch in 2017, with revenue down 12 per cent, thanks in part to lower-priced generic manufacturers.(Más)

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