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From Dinosaur to Digital / Hacia una transformación en la "Fuerza de Ventas".

"Sales forces now exist in a world of 
complexity with multiple channels 
to market and a myriad of ways that 
different customer segments can 
communicate with one another and 
their suppliers."

Digital technology has dramatically empowered stakeholders–physicians, patients and payers – by delivering Access to multiple sources of information. The new comercial landscape is all about these customers and, of course, providing genuine value. As a consequence, pharma strategists recognise that the old-school approach of pushing information at stakeholders is no longer effective; the days of giant sales organisations slugging it out to achieve revenue, reach and frequency seem positively prehistoric. 

A recent study by consultants Arthur D. Little indicates that executives understand that digital health will have transformed pharma’s business model by 2020: 84% of study participants considered it crucial to have a digital health strategy in 2020, compared with just 13% who believed it was already crucial today.

Key drivers

  • End of the blockbuster era
  • Customer demand for value and outcomes
  • Pull, not push
  • Multichannel Marketing (MCM)
  • Trust
  • Segmentation
  • All channels everywhere, 24/7

"Physicians are increasingly asking 
for calls to be tailored to their 
specific requirements and for reps to 
be adaptable as the calls progress."

Sales skills: 

There is an increasing focus on communications skills – especially listening – and individuals who are able to provide relevant insights and in-depth knowledge around disease states and products as well as outcomes and the patient experience during the course of a call, rather tan simply “detailing” in the strictest sense of the word, are more likely to be successful. Physicians are increasingly asking for calls to be tailored to their specific requirements and for reps to be adaptable as the calls progress. This means that reps need to be agile, knowledgeable and responsive to customer requests as part of their interactions. This has important implications for the way that digital communications are designed and the way that reps use technology.

Sales force trends
  • Quality not quantity
  • Affinity for technology
  • English language
  • Reps as “mini business unit managers”
  • Emergence of the hybrid rep
  • Increasing focus on market intelligence

iPads and eDetailing represent the status quo in many instances. An iPad, which is generally quicker and simpler for reps to operate than a laptop, was once something of an impressive novelty – but no longer. Once the initial buzz had subsided, attention reverted again to where it should be: the content, the skill of the rep in presenting, and adapting content according to circumstances.

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