miércoles, 17 de diciembre de 2014

Facebook: mobile is not a technology, it's a consumer behaviour...

“You shouldn't be talking about mobile, 
you should be talking about mobility,”
Nick Pestell, agency partner, 
global marketing solutions at Facebook. 

Facebook gave us an Insight into health care consumers' behaviours and attitudes at ThinkDigital14 - this is critical information in an environment where health care is moving rapidly towards patient-centered care where individuals ARE active participants in managing in their own health care.” 

A growing number of pharmaceutical companies use Facebook, which has built a global user base of 1.2 billion people in its first ten years, and the social network's Pestell offered a few tips on how to do so more effectively:

  • Think 'stories' not 'facts': consumers, in healthcare as elsewhere, engage emotionally through stories rather than dry facts 
  • Develop 'atomised' content: Facebook's users generally don't visit every day, so you need a strategy that enables them to dip in and out of your posts – so that whenever they visit they can still know what's going on 
  • Stories need themes: Create 'ownable', repeatable things that users can engage with, Pestell advised. Acknowledging it was not a healthcare example, he highlighted McDonald's rich, engaging, real-time video-led Facebook campaign that was developed for this year's football World Cup in Brazil 
  • Audience pockets and targeting: Make data - either your own or that provided by companies like Acxiom and Datalogics - work for you by unearthing either a new audience or an existing customer base. (Más)

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