miércoles, 21 de febrero de 2024

PFIZER: Expiring Covid drugs coat Europe $2.2 Billon


Stockpiles of Pfizer's Paxlovid worth $2.2 billion are set to expire by the end of next month in Europe and the UK as demand for the COVID-19 treatment plummets, reported Bloomberg. 

According to analytics firm Airfinity, the outdated supply includes $1.1 billion worth of doses that had already expired as of November. 

The UK has seen the biggest chunk go to waste with an estimated 1 million past-date courses at a cost of some $700 million, the Airfinity report said. 

 Countries "had a difficult challenge of estimating demand at a critical stage in the pandemic," stated Airfinity life-science analyst Marco Gallotta. "This doesn't necessarily mean that higher uptake wasn't desirable and could have saved lives and hospitalizations, but the reduction in testing reduced demand.

A number of countries still require that patients test positive for Covid before they can receive the drug, Airfinity said.



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