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Pharma va a Cannes Lions (IV): Con IA y premios


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Pharma va a Cannes Lions (III): Con IA y premios

6. Pharma is a goldmine for creativity

There’s a popular view that the future of pharma will be shaped by creative transformation. It’s wrong. The future is now – it’s already happening.

Cannes 2023 shows an industry in good shape, determined to push the boundaries of creative excellence to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best-known brands in the world. Pharma has seen the amazing success of awarded work from non-pharma companies, and it’s motivated them to invest more in the power of creativity. Companies are recognising that pharma is a goldmine for creativity. They’re attracting big name CMOs from outside the space. They’re collaborating with big tech to raise the bar of creative innovation. They’re co-creating with patients and communities to strengthen insight with human perspectives. And without doubt, they’re investing in craft to make good ideas sing.

The future is bright. In the next few years, there’s every chance that pharma will reset the bar for creativity – with beautifully crafted, authentic storytelling uniquely linked to a higher purpose: improving health outcomes and changing lives. 

Ten years ago, we weren’t even in the conversation. Vive la différence.

Claire Gillis is CEO at VMLY&R Health


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