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Pharma va a Cannes Lions (III): Con IA y premios


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Pharma va a Cannes Lions (II): Con IA y premios

4. Creativity is targeting health inequity

Health equity has become a common theme for creative comms. This year, we saw more and more campaigns – across health and pharma – maximising creative to address disparities that prevent people accessing equitable care. Notable examples include:

‘Inequality You Can’t Ignore’ (Gold, Pharma) – a campaign that marries real-world experiences with hard-hitting facts to expose racial inequities in breast cancer care for black women. The title speaks for itself



‘Dogs Without Borders’ (Gold, Sustainable Development Goals; Silver and Bronze, Brand Experience & Activation) – a project that trains abandoned dogs to detect cancer. Aiding the detection and diagnosis of people living in remote communities where access to basic health services/diagnostics is lacking.


5. When it comes to authentic storytelling, health owns the space

Health creative is always rich in authentic storytelling. Every campaign is directly linked to somebody’s life in the real world. They tell stories that are personal, unique, emotive… and real. This year, a key feature of awarded work was the involvement of real people playing starring roles, front of camera, to create authentic experiences that hit home. Examples include:

‘Working with Cancer’ (Gold, H&W, Health Grand Prix for Good) – a cross-industry coalition to end the stigma of cancer in the workplace – brought home by real patients facing one of life’s biggest challenges: cancer


‘The Cost of Beauty’ (Gold & Silver, H&W) – a powerful film featuring Mary, a young girl bombarded with unhealthy messages until she eventually developed an eating disorder


‘The Last Photo’ (Silver & Bronze, H&W) – a campaign to promote suicide prevention, featuring an exhibition of smiling portraits of people living happily. Days later it was revealed on TV that these were the last photos of people who took their own lives


‘The Invisibles’ (Bronze, Pharma) – a beautifully crafted film to raise awareness of Spinal Muscular Atrophy, featuring a real patient who cannot do any without her carers, but sometimes wants them to be invisible.

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