sábado, 3 de junio de 2023

Moderna & IBM to bring AI..


Moderna and IBM on Thursday announced an agreement to explore the use of next-generation technologies including quantum computing and artificial intelligence (AI) in the development of Moderna's mRNA vaccines. 

Stéphane Bancel, chief executive at Moderna, remarked "we are excited to partner with IBM to develop novel AI models to advance mRNA science, prepare ourselves for the era of quantum computing and ready our business for these game-changing technologies."

Meanwhile, Darío Gil, director of IBM Research, said "Moderna will be able to take advantage of our multi-year research efforts in generative AI for therapeutics," while the tech giant will also "help prepare their scientists in the knowledge and use of IBM's…quantum computing technologies with the goal of accelerating the discovery and creation of new therapeutics."

AI foundation model Under the agreement, Moderna will invest an undisclosed amount in generative AI to improve product design and also explore the use of quantum approaches to help address its "scientific challenges." In addition, the company will participate in the IBM Quantum Accelerator programme and the IBM Quantum Network through which IBM will provide access to quantum computing systems, as well as expertise to assist Moderna in exploring life sciences use-cases powered by quantum technologies. Moderna says its scientists "will learn how quantum technology could be applied to previously intractable problems for classical computers."

Researchers from both companies will apply an AI foundation model called MoLFormer that can help predict a molecule's properties, and also shed light on the characteristics of potential mRNA medicines. Moderna explained that its goal will be to use MoLFormer to optimise mRNA as well as the lipid nanoparticles that encapsulate and protect it as it travels through the body.

The tie-up will also see Moderna and IBM combine formulation discovery with generative AI to design mRNA medicines with "optimal safety and performance."

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