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AZ: Y le puso por nombre...Vaxzevria

De acuerdo con la portavoz de AstraZeneca, Angela Fiorin, este tipo de cambios en los nombres de las vacunas “es un procedimiento habitual” en la Unión Europea. 

Asimismo, indicó que el cambio estaba previsto desde hace meses, antes de que iniciaran los casos de coagulación sanguínea que apuntaban a que habían sido generados a causa de esta vacuna.

Beatriz Talegón Diario 16 31.3.21

AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine has an official name, Vaxzevria, now approved in Europe. But is a new name enough to hurdle its rollout communication glitches and now wavering vaccine confidence? 

Probably not on its own. However, some do see another hope on the horizon for AstraZeneca’s vaccine—the FDA

AZ plans to apply for FDA emergency use authorization in the first half of April, its executives have said, and the U.S. regulatory body may represent the company's best chance to improve public opinion of its shot. 

The agency’s endorsement “will go a good way to restoring confidence” Ann Falsey, M.D., a vaccine scientist and investigator on the U.S. clinical trial, told Nature in an article published after AZ restated its efficacy data last week. She reiterated that the "final story is, the results for the final analysis are great. They look very similar to the interim analysis.

An AstraZeneca spokesperson confirmed the Europeans Medicines Agency had approved the brand name Vaxzevria for the vaccine in the EU, but added that the “review of the brand name in additional markets is ongoing.” The company has filed the Vaxzevria brand with the U.S. Patents and Trademarks office, according to records.(Más)


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