jueves, 25 de abril de 2019

Deloitte: Aprovechar oportunidades/gestionar riesgos en el futuro de la salud


The life sciences and health care industry is undergoing fundamental transformations. Specific drivers such as changing demographics; burgeoning health care costs; and an evolving social, economic, and political environment are propelling tidal shifts in industry priorities and competitor dynamics. Technological and medical advances are pushing the boundaries of what’s plausible today and transforming the way the future is viewed. Industry watchers agree that the future of health will likely be driven by radically interoperable data, with open platforms connecting individual, population, environmental, and institutional data sets in real time and allowing companies to leverage previously untapped or unknown data and insights. Radical interoperability could further empower consumers to focus on well-being. Seeking “sick care” could potentially be viewed as the “last resort” option.

These transformative shifts create numerous opportunities for both industry incumbents and orthogonal organizations entering into the industry to disrupt the marketplace. However, it will also be critical for business leaders embracing innovation to intelligently manage the potential risks emanating from this new future. Disruptive organizations in the future will be those that adopt one or more business archetypes, based on the value they seek to deliver in the health care ecosystem.

This report focuses on 10 emerging trends that provide opportunities as well as potential risks that are likely to have the greatest impact on the life sciences and health care industry.

Explore the top trends, specific drivers, real-life examples, opportunities, and potential negative consequences facing participants in life sciences and health care. Learn about ways industry leaders can manage the risks in order to seize opportunities.

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Harnessing opportunities and managing risk in the future of health

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