jueves, 21 de marzo de 2019

Cuanto ganan...los que más ganan (V):: 2018 Big Pharma compensation packages


Ian Read passed the CEO title on to his hand picked successor Albert Bourla at the beginning of this year, but not before one last big haul of executive compensation. His overall number came down substantially from 2017, largely due to a big drop in the stock option column, but he still scored $19.5 million for 2018 compensation. 

Read’s big retirement haul came in 2017, when he took home a chart-topping $27.9 million pay package that included an $8 million bonus for staying on an extra year. His victory lap at the pharma giant came as the company was facing a sea change in the industry, with a lid on annual price hikes and a shift to the internal pipeline.(Ver)

Cuanto ganan los que más ganan en Pharma...2014 (IV)

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