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JJ.OO. Rio 2016: Sildenafil does not Improve Exercise Capacity under Acute Hypoxia Exposure

The increase in pulmonary arterial pressure (PAP) due to hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction (HPV) could be a limiting factor for physical performance during hypoxic exposure. Sildenafil has been shown to reduce PAP in situations of moderate or severe hypoxia, and consequently its role as an ergogenic aid and even a possible doping substance must be considered.


UK: Ejército des _ Viagra _ do y los males no "por abajo" sino "de altura"

We performed a double-blind crossover study to determine the effects of sildenafil on cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic parameters in normoxia and during acute exposure to hypobaric hypoxia (4 000 m) at rest and during maximal and submaximal (60% VO2 max) exercise tests. One hour before testing started, sildenafil (100 mg) or a placebo was orally administered to 11 volunteers. 
In normoxic conditions, sildenafil did not affect performance. 
Similarly, no significant differences were found in cardiovascular and respiratory parameters in hypoxic conditions at rest or during exercise. 

The use of sildenafil to improve physical performance in non-acclimatized subjects is not supported by our data. (Ver)


It’s fair to say that most visiting teams have a tough time of it when they arrive in Bogota to play Colombian outfit Santa Fe, what with the club’s El Campin stadium being perched 2,600 metres above sea level and all. 

However, in a bid to combat the head-spinning altitude ahead of their upcoming Copa Sudamericana clash against Santa Fe, Argentinian side Independiente are placing their faith in the tumescent power of the little blue pill

Independiente are planning to take sildenafil (trade name: Viagra) tablets before the match in order to stimulate blood flow and combat the effects of the thin oxygen. 

We will give them a treatment with sildanefil before the match and on the day of the match,” team doctor Luis Chiaradia told Radio Argentina. 

Sildenafil helps lung circulation. With more blood being pumped into the lungs, it has benefits with regard to the adjustment to high altitude.” 

However, Independiente can’t claim to be the first team to experiment with Viagra for high-altitude games, with fellow Argentinian side River Plate recently pioneering the practise. 

River got good results. The experience that has been had with this protocol is very good,” Chiaradia added. 

They [the players] are going to take 50 milligrams of sildenafil the day before the match and 50m the day of the match.” (Más)

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