domingo, 10 de julio de 2016

Creatividad: Lamisil "Feet on fire" / Novartis

Lamisil is one of the leading brands in skin care in the US market to treat your Athlete’s foot: no matter if you walk, run or ride, it will bother you in your everyday life. Its burning sensation almost puts fire on your feet. Literally. 

So for the first time in their communication, Lamisil decided to create a unique online piece of work where people have real fire on their feet. 
To achieve such a crazy idea, several tests have been done, shoes have burnt and stunts have been made: Man invented fire. Man plays with fire. 

Only after a long night shoot experimenting and capturing fire on people’s feet, this unexpected performance came out. So now you know how to kill the fungus and be free for up to 3 months. Because with Lamisil... Nothing works faster.

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