domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2015

Muere Ernst Fuchs*.

Visionary artist Ernst Fuchs was born in Vienna, Austria in 1930. He has been creating art all of his life in the form of oil paintings, music, and architecture. He is also co-founder and professor at The Vienna School of Fantastic Realism.

Fallece el artista Ernst Fuchs, uno de los padres del realismo fantástico

 In 1972, Ernst Fuchs saved the Otto Wagner Villa in Hütteldorf from being demolished and then proceeded to use it as his private chambers. 16 years pass and in 1988, Fuchs opened his doors to the public, transforming his residence into a private museum filled with the world's largest collection of drawings, oil paintings, sculptures, copper etchings, and applied art. 

Fuchs is regarded as one of the most influential visionary artists and professors of art in the world. His students are among some of the finest up-coming visionary artists such as Martina Hoffman, Maura Holden, Mati Klarwien, Robert Venosa, and Amanda Sage. The technique he uses for his art and his teaching is called Mischtechnik, a technique developed over 500 years ago by the Flemish Masters of old.

(*) Ver: Ernst Fuchs


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