sábado, 27 de junio de 2015

Kim pill

The secretive state of North Korea has unveiled a pill that claims to increase strength, brainpower and 'sexual function' while also sending you into a deep sleep. 

It has echoes of the pill that appeared in the Hollywood film 'Limitless' starring Bradley Cooper that enabled the user to access 100 per cent of their brain abilities. 


NZT una píldora...de película: Limitless / Sin límites (para el Marketing, al menos)

According to Foreign State, a state owned magazine, the pill can 'strengthen growth hormones' and 'increase sexual function in the elderly'.

It also claims to build muscle, improve mental concentration, help relieve fatigue, car sickness and anaemia, promote growth while at the same time allowing 'sound sleep'.

The super pill can also be taken by children to promote growth, while enhancing sexual function for the elderly.

The magazine explains how two or three pills should be taken several times a day. 

Children are advised to have one or two pills each time they snack. 

Aside from the super-strength Viagra tablet, the unusual list of items for sale from the murderous regime include furs, tea, booze, snacks and hangover cures. 

 The corporation claims to use furs from various animals including some that are not indigenous to North Korea: it lists silver fox, nutria (also known as a river rat), otter, badger and rabbit. (Más)

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