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Top Pharma List 2014: Novartis pasa por encima de Pfizer...

The last year has seen a major shift in power at the top of big pharma as patent losses and new blockbuster drugs shake up the old guard.
The Top Pharma List, based on data exclusively provided to PME by consultancy group GlobalData, shows reveals Novartis is now number one in terms of prescription medicine revenues for 2014, taking over from the long-dominant Pfizer.
The Swiss firm has clearly made its diversification model work as recent acquisitions, such as that of eye care company Alcon (which made it the leading ophthalmology group in the world), and a strong pipeline of drugs across multiple therapy areas, have mitigated major losses from the $6bn in anual sales that once came from blood pressure pill Diovan (valsartan).
But despite being pushed into second place, Pfizer has nevertheless managed a strong comeback after the punishing loss of patent product for Lipitor (atorvastatin). The statin, which once brought in $13bn a year, began losing patents in 2012 and its sales last year were just $2.8bn.
This is because Pfizer too has made changes, including the sale of its animal health unit Zoetis and purchase of biosimilar firm Hospira, as it looks to focus more heavily on new medicines, most notably in oncology, which are bringing in strong and consistent sales for the firm.

Special mention should also be made to Gilead that has jumped into the top ten pharma firm list (after being outside the top 20 for its entire corporate life) and is now ranked the ninth biggest by sales.(Más)

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