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Menos mal que...vamos mal (XXVI): Invertir en...PFIZER / Arie Goren*

"I used Portfolio123's powerful ranking system, which allows the user to create complex formulas according to many different criteria, to rank all S&P 500 stocks that pay a dividend with higher than 3% yield according to their shareholder yield. The tables below show the best 20 stocks according to this parameter, as for June 29,2014."

Arie Goren

A comparison of key fundamental data between Pfizer and its main competitors is shown in the table below.

Ian Read, Pfizer Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, stated: 

"Despite continuing revenue challenges due to ongoing product losses of exclusivity and co-promotion expirations, I look forward to the remainder of the year given the strength of our mid- and late-stage pipeline, the continued growth opportunities for our recently launched products as well as opportunities for upcoming product launches. Within both of our innovative pharmaceutical businesses and our established pharmaceutical segment, I continue to see attractive opportunities to pursue profitable revenue expansion, both organically and through prudent business development. Dividend and Share Repurchase"

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