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Terapias de los sentidos: "Semen up" ?

Perhaps you're familiar with the McClintock effect, the observation that when groups of reproductive-age women live or work together (in college housing, the military, all-female workplaces, etc.), over time their menstrual periods tend to become synchronized. The accepted explanation is that the women detect each other's pheromones, subtle scents that each of us produce, and somehow these only-faintly aromatic but powerful compounds influence the women's hormones and make their menstrual periods arrive around the same time. 

 But at the State University of New York, two evolutionary psychologists were puzzled to discover that lesbians show no McClintock effect. Why not? Gordon Gallup and Rebecca Burch realized that the only real difference between lesbians and heterosexual women is that the latter are exposed to semen. They speculated that maybe semen chemistry has something to do with the McClintock effect. But if that were true, the vagina would have to absorb compounds in semen that affected the women's pheromones. (Más

Años atrás (2003) falsas afirmaciones "viralizaron" los canales de comunicación (RRSS aun incipientes)

 " I encourage 
all women out there 
to make fellatio 
an important part 
of their daily routine,”
Dr. Helena Shifteer

Se decian consecuentes a estudios(?) realizados en la North Carolina State University

"Women who perform the act of fellatio and swallow semen on a regular basis, one to two times a week, may reduce their risk of breast cancer by up to 40 percent"

Study Claims That Fellatio and Ingesting Sperm Helps Prevent Breast Cancer

Era la hipótesis...

Don Ardell, en su blog seekwellnes, rebatió y puso las cosas en su sitio:

"This story had reached the rank of number two in the "Urban Legends Top 25" by the end of October, and it was less than a month old at that time. Any bemused skeptic could have checked with the varied "legends" websites, such as, and confirmed immediately that this wasn't a real CNN page (or Associated Press article), nor did North Carolina State University perform a study on the connection between fellatio and breast cancer

In this case, unlike most urban legends, the author is known--Brandon Williamson, a junior at North Carolina State University (NCSU.) He sent out the tale after crafting it to appear to be an authentic article. Naturally, he soon heard from CNN that the network was not amused, and that he could save himself a world of trouble by ceasing and desisting from spreading the hoax any further. Of course, by then the story had gone global--and half the guys in the universe had suddenly become avid champions of breast cancer prevention."

Y también se generan "sex_udas" infografías ("Nutricional Facts") sobre el semen que incitan a su consumo...

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