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De los orgasmos y "selfies" como "mental disorder"...

It turns out that the source, Adobo Chronicles is a parody website, which means that the views expressed in their post are not of the American Psychiatric Association. However there are studies which have found that selfies are indeed something of a disorder.

Before the “selfie” term was coined, many people were already figuring out ways to take photos of themselves, whether it be with digital cameras, smartphones, or even film cameras back in the day. Safe to say “selfies” aren’t exactly new per se. However with the term having been officially coined, it seems that there is now a mental disorder associated with it as well. According to the American Psychiatric Association, the act of taking a selfie can be considered a mental disorder. The disorder has been labeled selfitis and is defined as an obsessive compulsive desire to take photos of oneself and publish it onto social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. 
Apparently this is to help make up for the lack of self-esteem and to fill a gap in intimacy. Wow, pretty heavy stuff, huh? Now there are a few stages of selfitis, 
  • starting with borderline where you take photos 3 times a day but don’t necessarily post them on social media. 
  • Then there is acute selfitis which includes taking photos of oneself at least 3 times a day and posting it on social media. 
  • Then there is also chronic selfitis which is the “uncontrollable urge” to take photos of oneself around the clock and posting them onto social media at least six times a day. 
At the moment there is no cure for the disorder, but apparently Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be considered as a temporary treatment.(Más)

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