viernes, 15 de noviembre de 2013

Ratón de biblioteca: The best of: The Successful Product Manager´s Handbook / Pharmaceutical Executive

In the first volume of this four-volume set from the pages of Pharmaceutical Executive, learn to increase the effectiveness of your new and existing product launches by utilizing well-researched strategies. 
Discover the winning practices of top-notch professionals that will sharpen your organizational and management skills. 

Includes in-depth articles on:

Lifecycle Management: Discover the ten key success factors to any effective lifecycle management strategy.

Branding: Eight branding experts share their expertise and philosophies in pharma branding.

Brand Performance: Review a case study that shows how marketers can improve brand performance with longitudinal patient data.

Client-Agency Relations: Use the basic process tools that can save time, money and your campaign during ad review.

CME: Uncover the demographics of Gen X prescribers that are prompting new directions in medical education.

Budgeting: Take the mystery out of developing an economical and effective advertising budget.

Resource Allocation: Orking mix and ROI by taking into consideration corporate culture and marketing strategy.

(PDF eBook, 56 pages.)

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