miércoles, 6 de noviembre de 2013

LEO ruge y enseña sus "garras"..."AllTrials"

LEO Pharma has announced that it will start releasing clinical trial data from studies dating back to almost 25 years ago. 

 The Denmark-based firm said it is using this as a “Declaration of its support for the increased global calls for transparency coming from many quarters”, which includes patient groups, researchers and think tanks. 

 In practical terms this means that from 1 January next year researchers, patient associations and healthcare professionals can gain access to LEO Pharma’s clinical trial data as it gradually posts summary results sponsored by the firm, that date back to 24 years on its corporate website. 

 In addition it will gradually post clinical study reports (CSR) for the same time period, starting with the most recent, with all CSRs available within the next three years. 

 This move comes amid Sense About Science’s AllTrials campaign, established earlier this year with the support of Ben Goldacre and the BMJ among many others, which has put pressure on the industry to release all data for new and old medicines that are not in the public domain. 

 A spokesman for the company told Pharmafile it was ‘considering its options’ but as yet has not signed up to AllTrials. “However [LEO] are beginning to liaise with them [the AllTrials team] and this new policy does meet many of the AllTrials recommendations,” the spokesman added. 

 Geraldine Murphy, managing director of LEO Pharma UK & Ireland, said: “Transparency in relation to clinical trials data is a scientific and ethical responsibility that facilitates informed healthcare decisions. As such it is core to the values of LEO Pharma and we are pleased to pledge our support.” (Más)
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