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Roche & Novartis: LaMattina opina...en Forbes. / "Drug Truths"?

Fué "rumor/serpiente de verano" en 2011.
Acá lo recogimos.

Rumores...Novartis / Roche

Ahora, a raiz de un artículo de The Independent en Irlanda, John LaMattina, autor de "Drug Truths" y, más reciente "Devalued and Distrusted",  especula. 
Analiza "pros a cons"...

A story in The Independent by Sarah McCabe speculates that a merger between Novartis  and Roche is in the offing. McCabe cites Pierre Landolt, a Novartis board member since 1996, who said that combining Roche and Novartis would create a European “pharmaceutical champion”. 

Usually, such a mega-merger is stifled by senior leadership, since there can be only one CEO and each company head would envision himself in the big chair. However, Landolt pointed out that: “Soon both companies will have new chairmen. That might make the dialogue easier.” For the sake of the employees of both companies, I hope that won’t be the case. (...)

Pharmaceutical industry consolidation has had, at best, mixed results. On the one hand, companies can cite all sorts of potential benefits: blending of existing product lines, elimination of duplication, reducing costs and business synergies. That all sounds great. But, in reality, there are also downsides due to the turmoil of uncertainty. Leaders will lobby for key positions in the new organization; key talent will seek outside opportunities where specific, desirable positions exist; rumors will run rampant about what divisions will be eliminated and what sites will be closed; when the organizational structure is settled upon, there will be “’winners’ and ‘losers’” identified, labels that will be difficult to shake after the merger. As a result, a period of decreased productivity occurs that can last for anywhere from 12 – 24 months. (Más)

A Novartis board member has suggested a merger between the drug maker and fellow pharmaceutical giant Roche, which both have extensive Irish operations. Novartis board member Pierre Landolt said combining Roche and Novartis would make a European "pharmaceutical champion". The combined organisation would employ 1,500 people in this country. 

Novartis indicated last month that it was actively looking for a major purchase, up to €7.5bn in value, in its drive to expand. "Novartis would be willing to invest significant money for a very good opportunity. I don't think a $10bn (€7.5bn) acquisition is out of reach" said chairman Joerg Reinhardt

"Soon both companies will have new chairmen. That might make the dialogue easier," said Mr Landolt, a board member since 1996. 


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