martes, 9 de abril de 2013

Big Pharma Cash on the "Barrelhead"

For pharmas making all but the largest acquisitions, cash is king. From speculative buyouts of preclinical start-ups all the way through bolt-on deals worth a few billion dollars, pharmas typically spend cash rather than swap stock to make their acquisitions. Except in the cases of mega-mergers, a pharma’s purchasing power lies on its balance sheet, not in its share price. 

So when Moody’s Investor Service issued a March 18 study of the U.S. companies whose cash coffers were the richest, Deals of the Week couldn’t help but turn an eye to the seven health care companies named in the report. 

None of them has disclosed a pharma acquisition yet in 2013, but rumors are swirling that one will strike soon.

More broadly, the pharma industry holds about 14% of the $1.45 trillion corporate cash pile, a share which has remained roughly the same for several years. It’s the second largest sector behind technology, which gained share to 38%, while energy is among the industries losing share. 

 If Big Pharma isn't yet striking, some companies are still buying, licensing, and partnering. You won't get thirty days in the jailhouse, but you won't be abreast of this week's dealmaking news without...

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