jueves, 7 de febrero de 2013


Pharma industry's most productive innovators recognised 

 Johnson &Johnson has topped a list of the most innovative global pharmaceutical firms, according to an industry-leading consultancy. IDEA Pharma has just released its third annual Productive Innovation Index (PII), which ranks top pharma companies based on their ability to successfully commercialise new molecules.

The Index measures and scores the firms’ ability to deliver innovation to market, by objectively measuring their performance using publicly available data based on a five year period (2007-2012). 

 Last year Amgen took the top spot with Johnson&Johnson ranking second, but it has risen to first place thanks to significant developments over the past 12 months. 

 Mike Rea, CEO, IDEA Pharma, said: “The index is based primarily on one simple question - if you gave the same novel molecule to two companies, would they end up in the same place? And the simple answer is ‘no’, because there are significant differences in the approach taken to commercialisation

 “We wanted to assess the pharmaceutical industry’s ability to add value to, and derive value from, molecules in pre-launch, so we analysed the major players based on a range of observations including speed to market, attrition rate in phase III, sales versus ostensibly similar molecules, and regulatory success.

GSK la que más puestos sube (+6), seguida de Merck (+3)
Novartis y Lilly (-2) las que más bajan.

Gilead (+4) mejora sensiblemente.
UCB (-10) y Bayer (-7) las que más bajan.
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