jueves, 1 de noviembre de 2012

Sanofi: Soriot, ¡Qué de-roche por dejar ROCHE...!

AstraZeneca is paying its new chief executive a package worth up to £10m this year, including a "golden hello" of £4m – but a shareholder group has questioned whether performance hurdles for some of the awards are "sufficiently stretching".

Pascal Soriot, who started on 1 October after being recruited from Swiss rival Roche, will get about £2.3m as a guaranteed package: an annual base salary of £1.1m, £991,080 in lieu of the bonus he would have received at his previous employer, which has to be invested in AstraZeneca shares, and £264,000 which he can invest in the company's pension scheme or take as cash.

The £991,080 is part of a total of £4m paid for the loss of his long-term incentives from Roche.

In addition, the Frenchman will get a performance related annual bonus with a "target" to pay out 100% of his salary – but which could pay up to 180%. He will also get long-term incentive awards amounting to 250% of salary.

Alan Brett, research manager at Manifest, the shareholder advisers, said the £4m figure matched the value of outstanding awards Soriot held at Roche, while a slightly greater proportion of the AstraZeneca awards had performance criteria attached. (Más)

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Un "vivo" ahora que se acerca el "día de los muertos"...
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