miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2009

LATAM: Mercado de prescripción crecerá 10% anual hasta 2013...(II)

The report also notes that:

- Mexico’s government has started a renewal process for drug registrations, and it is expected that there will only be patented and bioequivalent generics by 2010. However, local manufacturing plant requirements are also being phased out and the market will be fully open by second-half 2010. Also, this June, the health law was amended to allow the production and sale of biologic and biosimilar medicines;

- Argentina’s pharmacy sector is dominated by branded products and characterised by high prices, excessive margins, high concentration levels and a lack of regulation. The sector’s recent double-digit growth is expected to slow down and the balance of pharmaceutical trade remains in deficit; local producers have a surplus, whilst foreign producers have a significant deficit;

- Chile is pursuing ambitious goals to improve health care by 2010, and has a very competitive pharmacy sector due to the presence of a well-developed domestic industry specialised in generic and copy products, which supplied 60.1% by value and 81.8% by volume of the domestic market in 2005;

- Colombia is also pursuing healthcare reform which has boosted pharmaceutical consumption, largely in volume terms. Most of the market is supplied by the domestic industry, with the majority of international drug producers having closed their production facilities in the country;

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