viernes, 30 de marzo de 2012

Cinema Paradiso: Safer Medicines

Safer Medicines

26 minute film Safer Medicines showcases state-of-the-art approaches to ensuring that drugs in the future will be safer than they have been in the past. World leading scientists from industry and academia present their vision for the future of drug development – with a focus on human biology.

Safer Medicines Campaign is an independent patient safety organisation of doctors and scientists whose concern is whether animal testing, today, is more harmful than helpful to public health and safety. Our goal is to protect human health by promoting human-specific medical research. We do not oppose animal testing per se, merely those tests which harm patients by creating a false sense of security or false alarm, or which mislead scientists' understanding of disease.

Safer Medicines Trust is a registered charity (number 1039411). We have hosted international conferences at the Royal Society and the House of Lords, showing the benefits to drug safety and medical progress offered by a focus on human, rather than animal biology.

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