miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

NOVARTIS... con Ipad trabajan menos visitan/producen más...

In a note to employees this morning, Novartis ceo Joe Jimenez gushed that the Apple iPad offers the drugmaker “game-changing” technology that will make it possible for sales reps to save 250 hours over the course of the year and allow “the entire field force to make an incredible 35,000 additional customer visits each year.”

This conclusion, of course, has not yet been proven. But Novartis did trim 1,400 sales reps from its roster in recent weeks, underscoring how technology will increasingly be used by the pharmaceutical industry to eliminate such personnel whenever possible (back story). A few more iPads and perhaps a few more hundred reps will go?

But there is more. Jimenez also notes that “another benefit of having sales materials on the iPad is that our reps will be more compliant - unlike with paper versions, you can’t alter the electronic materials.” What does that say about how reps are viewed? In any event, the drugmaker recently began using the iPad in a pilot program in its vaccines division. (Más)


"Top ten" en despidos 2010: 50.000 en total.

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