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Europa: Biosimilares $4 billiones en 2017

The European biosimilars market is expected to reach nearly $4 billion by 2017 after the expiration of patents and other intellectual rights opens new opportunities, a new report predicts.

Frost & Sullivan’s Analysis of European Biosimilars Market predicts the industry will record annual growth of more than 50% in the next five years as physicians and patients search for cheaper medication.

Srinivas Sashidhar, a Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst, says the next decade “opens up opportunities for biosimilars to enter the market and increase industry competition”.

The report notes that the biosimilars manufacturing industry is at a nascent stage. The market earned revenue of around $172 million in 2010, research found.

However, while there are plenty of opportunities for growth, the market will require sizeable investment – especially smaller firms. Complex production processes, expensive materials and rigorous clinical trials require significant investment, the report adds.

“The need for considerable financial outlays will hinder the entry of small biotech firms in particular,” warns Mr Sashidhar. “On the other hand, specialty pharmaceutical companies with biotech expertise and financial capabilities are well positioned to venture into the biosimilars market.”

Another obstacle the market faces is high manufacturing costs. But, the report says, viable prospects for licensing agreement between companies should overcome this. “Access to sales and marketing capabilities can be achieved through collaborations between pharmaceutical companies and specialty biotech firms with technical expertise,” said Sashidhar. “Companies can build sales and marketing capabilities in-house and ensure effective marketing support for the commercialisation of biosimilars.”

If the market is to realise its potential in the next decade, the report advises effective sales communication to the scientific community, coupled with continuous promotional activities as well as close and constant interaction with doctors and pharmacists. (Ver)

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