domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

FORBES: Social Media Predictions 2012

Three trends and tools to watch in the coming year:
  • -From Checking In To Cashing In: Geo-Gaming

Geo-location has been an important marketing tool for a few years, but in 2012 it will become more personal and more transactional, especially in social-media marketing. This is a game-changer for retailers because it enables them to put potential consumers in the context of time and place and more effectively influence purchase intent. This type of influence is a reason I see social media as a bridge to commerce because it’s where marketers build a relationship with customers. (…)

  • -Facebook: Gateway To The Web

Would it surprise anyone to think Facebook will become the overlay of the Internet experience? It may not happen in 2012 but it certainly will in our lifetimes. Facebook is what Ma Bell once was, a utility with which few people could conduct their daily lives. It’s almost impossible to not use the web these days, and it’s becoming less possible to use it without Facebook.(...)

  • -Perpetuating The Personal

Brands in 2012 must create a social world of personalization. Facebook has built a model for this. Its “pages” function enables brands to engage customers on a virtual island and have a theme party of their choosing. If the guests are into Huggies, the page can be about potty training. Amex’s page/party theme can be about small business.(...)


This article is by Avi Savar, founder and chief creative officer of Big Fuel, a social media agency that is part of Publicis Groupe.

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