viernes, 20 de enero de 2012

Citario/El dijo que...: John Mack sobre PhRMA & S.O.P.A.

"Why do Pfizer and PhRMA support these bills? Simple. They believe it is necessary to prevent "counterfeit" medicines from being sold to US consumers by companies outside the US. At least that's why I think they are supporting these bills. I don't find any press releases or blog posts about it on Pfizer's or PhRMA's site. Perhaps they will respond to this post and tell us in their own words why?

If the industry needs help from the government to prevent counterfeit medicines from reaching US consumers, why not support specific laws for that purpose instead of this legislation that potentially can be used to limit the rights without due process of many online publishers -- who do not have anything to do with counterfeit medicine.

John Mack es editor de Pharma Marketing News

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