viernes, 17 de noviembre de 2023

Cinema Paradiso: How to catch a coold / Walt Disney


Ahora que Disney cumplee 100 años 

vaya, desde PHARMACOSERIAS,     

nuestro homenaje

"How to Catch a Cold"

is a 1951 American animated educational short film which shows how to avoid catching a cold. 

An updated version of this short was released in 1986 with live-action segments.

"How to Catch a Cold" is an animated short produced by Disney in 1951, sponsored by Kleenex, the tissue company. 


 It follows an unnamed man, stricken with a cold, who is given advice by a man who calls himself Common Sense. 

He tells the man what to do to avoid catching future colds, how to look after oneself while sick with a cold, and how to avoid getting other people sick. It has a bit of outdated information, such as the old idea that going out in the rain makes you susceptible to illness, so decades later, a live-action version was made staring Goofy educating a little boy named Jeff who also had a cold, that used more scientifically accurate information.

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