viernes, 31 de mayo de 2019

Facebook seeks to de-stigmatize opioid addiction


Facebook’s Creative Shop, in collaboration with The Partnership for Drug Free Kids + Center on Addiction, has launched an initiative that encourages people to speak up about their experiences around opioid dependency.

The "Stop Opioid Silence" (SOS) campaign, which kicked off today, is looking to squash stigmas around opioid addiction by getting individuals to share stories about how they’ve been affected by the opioid crisis – either personally or through a loved one.

Facebook - Stop Opioid Silence - Court McGee (Branded Doc) from Gary Leon Bowyer on Vimeo.

One in two Americans knows someone who has been touched by the opioid crisis in some way, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Yes, most people remain silent about opioid issues because of the shame they feel around it, which is why only about 25 percent of those addicted to opioids get treatment.

The campaign, created in partnership with documentarian Andrew Renzi, highlights the stories of 12 people’s journey with opioid addiction – either through their own eyes or those of a loved one. The stories include insights about what led them to addiction, how they recovered and more. "Stop Opoid Silence" is slated to run in the U.S. for two months.

Elements from the campaign will be shared organically on Facebook and Instagram, as well as through ads on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger from The Partnership for Drug Free Kids + Center on Addiction.

Additionally, Facebook and its partner group worked with 17 U.S. Senators from some states seeing the most impact from the opioid crisis to support the campaign and be featured in ads that will run in their home states.

Going forward, the initiative will direct people to the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids Facebook messenger, which will use automated messages to help connect people with educational information about addiction as well as community resources.

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