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The 20 most expensive drugs

Eli Lilly pushed its way onto the top-20 list with its acquisition of Loxo, now out with their site-agnostic, and very expensive, cancer drug Vitrakvi. That lines the pharma giant alongside fraudster Martin Shkreli, who retains a prominent position despite being in prison. And a struggling Novelion — which emerged out of a merger involving a deeply troubled Aegerion — gets the award for single largest price hike with a big move up in the top 10 right at the beginning of the year. 


The 20 most expensive drugs in the USA



Horizon, which retained its hold on the most expensive drug on the list at $52,322 a month for Actimmune, also joined the price hike club, with a 4.9% price hike on Ravicti, now in the 10th spot. Sanofi, meanwhile, boosted the price of Cerdelga by 5%, putting that therapy at number 19.

Gilead’s profile has been lowered after it came out with a generic version of Harvoni and Zavesca, retaining a slot with Sovaldi at $28,000 a month.

Shire, now Takeda, has the most drugs on the top 20 drugs, which are all marketed with a list price north of $25,000 a month: Cinryze (4), Takhzyro (5) and Firazyr (12).

And Shkreli — otherwise known as prisoner number 87850-053 — has a grip on the number 3 ranking with its old, generic drug daraprim sold at a list price of $45,000 a month.


Precio: El mayor de todos los incrementos...Martin Shkreli / Daraprim (Turing)

According to the Wall Street Journal, Shkreli has been managing Vyera — which used to be called Turing and now is called Phoenixus — by means of a contraband cell phone. Now he’s under investigation again, which should be easier this time now that he’s behind bars.

Not to be forgotten is Retrophin’s Chenodal, which qualified as one of the most expensive drugs on the market while Shkreli ran the show — before he was kicked out.

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