martes, 5 de febrero de 2019

Cancer I+D: Five Things To Look Cancer Research (2019)


2018 was a remarkable year for cancer research, with great strides made in diagnosing and treating various types of cancer as well as important breakthroughs looking at the health of cancer survivors. What can we expect to see from cancer research in 2019?

As a cancer research scientist and cancer survivor, here are the top five topics that I'll be looking out for.(Más)

  • 1. Immunotherapy. Who will respond, who won't respond and why? 
  • 2. Liquid biopsy tests. More clarity on precisely what they do and more evidence that they do it accurately. 
  • 3. More focus on the side-effects of cancer treatment. 
  • 4. Cancer and the microbiome. 
  • 5. Organoids, the new secret weapon in personalized cancer medicine.

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