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Reputation Institute’s 2018 US Pharma RepTrak


The Largest Study on Reputation of Pharmaceutical Brands in the US

BOSTON — June 14, 2018Reputation Institute (RI), the world’s leading provider of reputation measurement, monitoring and management services, today announced the company’s annual US Pharma RepTrak® rankings. Based on more than 2,608 individual ratings of pharmaceutical companies during the first quarter of 2018, the survey quantifies the emotional bond stakeholders have with pharma companies in the US, and how these connections drive supportive behavior such as the willingness to purchase a company’s products, recommend the brand, invest in or work for a company.(Más)

1. Sanofi. RepTrak Points: 74.6 
Sanofi's winning characteristics lies in its promotion of ethics and transparency, according to Reputation Institute. Sanofi has in the past year promised tolimit price increases and disclose "transparency reports" behind overall costs of its drugs. 

2. Genentech. RepTrak Points: 74.0 
A subsidary of Roche, Genentech is investing in a new way to treat Alzheimer's. It also recently made a $534 million deal with Microbiotica to research gut bacteria in hopes of developing new treatments for inflammatory bowel disease. 

3. Celgene. RepTrak Points: 72.5 
Celgene specializes in drugs for cancer and inflammatory diseases, known for its treatment of multiple myeloma. However, in February, the company hit a major setbackwith its multiple sclerosis drug. 

4. AbbVie. RepTrak Points: 72.3 
 The Humira-maker spun out of of Abbott Laboratories back in 2013. Recently, its rheumatoid arthritis drug successfully completed a late-stage trial.  
AbbVie was ranked first in last year's list, but has fallen back a few spots this year.


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5. Biogen. RepTrak Points: 72.0 
The company specializes in treatments for neurodegenerative, blood-based, and autoimmune diseases. Althought it hasn't made many major moves this past year, it's still a major playerwhen it comes to its neuroscience pipeline. Early this year, it sold its hemophilia drug maker company, Bioverativ, to Sanofi for $11.6 billion. 

6. Bayer. RepTrak Points: 70.7 
Best known for making aspirin, the German company is also throwing its hat in the ring to bet on gene therapies. In June, Bayer finalized its $66 billion merger with agriculture giant Monsanto, which has farmers worried. 

7. Gilead. RepTrak Points: 70.1 
Gilead has historically been focused on antiviral drugs to treat diseases like HIV and hepatitis C. But earlier this year, it just made a huge bet on an experimental gene-editing technology for cancer treatments.

8. Allergan. RepTrak Points: 69.8 
The Botox-maker has had a rocky relationship with its investors this year. It's been actively refreshing its board, and just last month, it announced its plan to sell offtwo of its non-core businesses to appease investors. In June, the company presented positive data in a glaucoma candidate and meet goals with its oral migraine drug. 

9. Novo Nordisk. RepTrak Points: 68.8 
The Danish company is known as a diabetes drug giant. 
The turbulent US market forced it tolay off 3,000 people and axe its long term growth plan. 

10. McKesson. RepTrak Points: 68.7 
McKesson distributes not only drugs, but also health IT, medical supplies and care management tools. In June, the company reduced the CEO's pay by 10% after investors revolted. 


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