viernes, 11 de mayo de 2018

Cinema Paradiso: Corrupción y poder (Misconduct) / Shintaro Shimosawa


Cuando un joven y ambicioso abogado acepta un caso contra un poderoso ejecutivo de una gran compañía farmacéutica, el joven letrado pronto se percata que está inmerso en un asunto mucho más complejo de lo que pensaba.(filmaffinity)

Denning is a rich CEO of a giant pharma company, where Emily works as a secretary. Their professional relationship turns into personal one and now Emily is too afraid of threatening Denning to end the relationship. Denning's company is now a days in news questioning deaths due to clinical trials. Emily is suddenly missing and worried Denning hires private investigators to bring her back home safe. Denning receives Emily's blood-faced picture on his cell phone and a threat that if money is not received, she dies. Meanwhile, Emily reunites with her classmate Ben, who is a lawyer and he soon finds that she has confidential data about manipulating clinical trials by Denning's pharma company. Ben decides to take big risk to handle this high-profile corporate corruption case, ignoring his friend Doug's warning. Emily gives stolen data to Ben and he contacts famous lawyer Charles Abrams, who hires him for big remuneration, seeing that Ben has strong evidences.

Ben's wife Charlotte, who works double shifts as a nurse and aspire to spend time with Ben. One night in a club, a hit-man warns Ben to leave the case and then Emily embraces Ben in Charlotte's presence. Charlotte senses that there is something going on between Ben and Emily. (Más)

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