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Ratón de Biblioteca: Diary of a Drug Rep / Douglas Farrago


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By the year 2000, pharmaceutical companies were spending more than $15 billion dollars a year on promoting prescription drugs in the United States. It was not uncommon to see doctors going to extravagant dinners, amusement parks and golfing events, all sponsored by these companies and all orchestrated by what are called drug reps.

In 2002, Douglas Farrago first pieced together a fictionalized, diary-like version of this tale, which spread virally on the Internet and became an instant hit, especially with drug reps. 

Initially called Diary of a Pharmaceutical Representative (Drug Rep), it was reproduced first in Dr. Farrago’s humorous medical magazine called the Placebo Journal and then in his book The Placebo Chronicles. It even inspired a 2005 NY Times article called “Gimme an Rx! Cheerleaders Pep Up Drug Sales”. 
In Diary of a Drug Rep, Dr. Farrago has expanded this initial vignette, giving the reader a unique look into how drug reps lived, worked and “sold” their products in their heyday. 


USA: 'cheerleaders' hacen la...Visita médica.

The intent of this book is not to belittle this profession, but rather to understand it and, ok yes, laugh at it a little.  
Diary of a Drug Rep will give readers insight into a very peculiar profession that affects us all more than we even know. 

I loved this book. The best way to process some of the crazy things that happened, and continue to happen, in healthcare is to laugh — otherwise we just might have to cry. Diary of a Drug Rep had me howling at times and thinking “that’s funny cuz it’s true,” and you just may learn some truths about life and business too.” (Ver)

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