miércoles, 25 de octubre de 2017

USA: Pharma sube salarios...


When the Career and Salary Survey debuted in 1987, it was with the intention of providing a resource that industry marketers sorely lacked. If anybody had been benchmarking career wants/needs and salary sums pre-1987, well, that person was doing so behind closed doors for a limited audience. The information was simply inaccessible by the people who stood to benefit from its wider dissemination.

Thirty years on, employees now have the opposite problem: There's almost too much information about employers, salaries, career-development programming, job perks, and more. As a result, individuals hoping to make a smart decision about their professional future find themselves questioning the reliability of the source. Could that person who anonymously posted an unfavorable Glassdoor review of the dessert options at a certain pharma company's cafeteria possibly have an ax to grind? Truly, it's anyone's guess.


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