martes, 10 de octubre de 2017

Comunicaciones de seguridad de medicamento

“Communicating safety information to patients and healthcare professionals is essential for achieving the objectives of pharmacovigilance in terms of p romoting the rational, safe and effective use of medicines, preventing harm from adverse reactions and contributing to the protection of patients’ and public health”
European Medicines Agency (EMA)

In this report we present the view of 3625 healthcare professionals (HCPs), from nine European countries, on safety communication activities by national competent authorities (NCAs), which may be conducted in collaboration with marketing authorisation holders (MAHs). 
These HCPs represent three northern European countries (Norway (NO), Sweden (SE), Denmark (DK)), three western European countries (Ireland (IE), United Kingdom (UK) and the Netherlands (NL)) and three southern European countries (Spain (ES), Italy (IT) and Croatia (HR)). 
The HCPs targeted were general practitioners (GPs), pharmacists (except for ES and SE) and cardiologists. Of the participants, 49% were GPs, 36% pharmacists and 6% cardiologists. A sizeable group of ‘other HCPs’ completing the online survey, who were active across various disciplines in clinical practice, were also included (9%). 

Respondents were mostly female (61%) and the majority (70%) were employed in a community setting. There was sufficient variation of HCPs over different age ranges and different durations of work experience. Electronic prescribing/dispensing systems were widely used, ranging from 93% of responding HCPs in SE using these systems to 43% in the UK. GPs were the primary professional group indicating use of electronic prescribing systems.


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