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2022 Top 15 best-selling cancer drugs.(III)

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2022 Top 15 best-selling cancer drugs.(II)

To illustrate the fast pace of change in oncology, take a look at the big names that have disappeared since our last top cancer drug list just three years ago. Among the missing are Takeda’s multiple myeloma drug Velcade and Johnson & Johnson’s oral prostate cancer med Zytiga, both of which are expected to be superseded by newer drugs and could potentially face generics if patent suits don’t go their way. Others, notably NovartisGleevec and Eli Lilly’s Alimta, will certainly see sales hit by generic rivals. 

Even as the immuno-oncology meds have ascended, nine of the top-selling 15 drugs in 2022 will still be monoclonal antibodies. First approved in the late 1990s, these therapies quicklybecame the preferred option for various cancers, and particularly blood cancer. Three of these— all from Roche—are first-generation cancer antibodies due to face biosimilar competition within the next couple of years. At the moment, it’s tough to predict just how much biosimilar copies will eat into their sales. 
But the fact that the three are predicted to remain in the top flight after decades on the market indicates that brand strength will still play a major role. 


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