miércoles, 2 de agosto de 2017

App´s Pharma status


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All leading Pharma companies have grown their internal app portfolio size since 2014, and all but two (Abbott and Sanofi) have increased their reach. However, thanks to the growing app portfolio size of Bayer and Novartis, and the high downloads of J&J, half of the leading Pharma companies have portfolios that fall below the average-lines. Previously, this was the case for five companies. Taking J&J as an example, the success of a mere two or three apps can result in Pharma app market leadership. 

Take Sanofi as another example. With the hype of Sanofi’s previous most downloaded app coming to an end (GoMeals), their internal app portfolio has experienced a significant decrease in annual downloads in comparison to 2014. 
Their portfolio has now fallen to 4th place in terms of reach behind J&J, Bayer and GSK.  
Novartis, Sanofi and Bayer have made the most significant strides in their app publishing activities, but are not seeing the ROI in the way of market penetration. The newly released Pharma report goes into more company level detail on supply and demand from a platform, category, use-case and user-retention perspective. (Más)
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