martes, 18 de julio de 2017

Creatividad: Vitus Apotek (Norway) A lifetime in 60 seconds

This ad captures an entire life in 60 seconds. In their latest ad, the Norwegian pharmacist Vitus took on a monumental project: to document the development of the human skin through an entire lifetime. 
In just 60 seconds. 

People come in all ages, shades and shapes. Vitus’ mission is to help everyone feel comfortable in their own skin and meet whatever changes they may face in the future. After all, we are all living proof that the only thing constant is indeed change. This project set out to document just that. 
The result is a film with no less than 101 women from age zero to one hundred portrayed completely natural and without any retouching. Put together in a stop motion fashion the spectator is taken on a journey through generations and ultimately a time-lapse of an entire lifetime.

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