viernes, 30 de junio de 2017

Ratón de biblioteca: Pharmaceutical Marketing & Promotional Challenges / Manish Gunjan, Jegathambigai Rameshwar Naidu, Nasaruddin Abdul Aziz

The pharmaceutical industry is world’s largest industry in terms of world wide revenues.The pharmaceutical industry is based on research and  development, management skills etc. 
New drug development is a very complicated and time taking process which is one of the reason of high competition among pharmaceutical companies since they have to maintain their product in the market for a long time till arrival of another product. Product launch helps in increasing sales revenue and expanding the customer base. By introducing new products a company can also target new group of customers. The launch of new products can also influence the company expansion and new internal investments. Continuous research and planning are necessary if a company wants to achieve a successful product launch. Innovation and creativity plays a vital role in the promotion and conversion of effort into prescription. 

This book is an overview for all those parameters which should be considered before and after launching of a product.

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