lunes, 26 de junio de 2017

Creatividad: Pfizer / Ibrance

Pfizer developed the ad concept with information gathered from 300 metastatic and early breast cancer patients and caregivers, 200 healthcare providers and 400 general consumers as well as several metastatic breast cancer advocacy groups, a spokeswoman said via email. 

Since the launch of Ibrance, Pfizer has been committed to ensuring patients have access to information about Ibrance through print ads, websites, banner ads and targeted videos in select oncologists’ offices. 
To date, we have seen improvements in awareness of Ibrance, leading to an increase in discussions between patients and their physicians. 
We hope the TV ad continues to improve awareness and increase patient/physician conversations,” she said. 

Pfizer will also continue its "MBC Together" online program, which includes testimonials from patients currently taking Ibrance, with the aim of creating a supportive environment for patients to share personal experiences. (Más)
It's an ordinary day for Julie, and she loves it. 
Julie has been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer 
but she's able to live a normal life because she takes IBRANCE, 
a prescription medication that uses 
hormonal-based therapy to treat her condition.

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