lunes, 15 de mayo de 2017

Creatividad: The triple "E"/Eugene Borukhovich* Health2.0 Europe

Digital Health is the human recognition of awareness that technology can actually prolong their valuable lives with their families and loved ones while moving from healthcare to just health [in a digital world]

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Triple “E” 

It was important to set the context and give some key highlights of a complex industry in re-making. Without a further adieu, what I think it will take to make #digitalhealth real and attainable for our society: 

  • Engagement 
    We have been talking about patient engagement for years now. Many pilots, some success stories of course, but generally…. just more talk about patient engagement. The reality is that we are not patients, we are just human beings — that at different points in time will become ill and the disease becomes just part of our lives. It does not become THE life. Not every person thinks that way of course, and for sure every individual is different. Human behavior modification is still a mystery to us. So we, the health consumers, have to actually want to be engaged in our health & longevity. With the power of capturing our own data and the incoming insights, we are surely getting there but still have a long way to go…

  • Economics

  • Lets face it, the whole ecosystem is driven by short-term thinking. Governments are under financial pressure to sustain and curb the growth of healthcare costs. The private sector is also pressured by those same governments and Wall Street. The economic models are in complete disarray with broken incentive systems and lack of transparency across the value chain. As a society, we need to find an economic equilibrium and the fitting business models for this digital age. I wish I had the answer but I believe openness, transparency and co-creation hold the key! Vibrant ecosystems, cross-industry and private-public partnerships are emerging.. slowly..

  • Evidence

  • It’s the old chicken and the egg story. While there are many early adopters and a powerful movement of citizen scientists and e-patients, the masses want evidence that this “digital health stuff” works and therefore they should use it AND pay for it (directly or indirectly). The healthcare professionals are bombarded with thousands of digitalhealth startups and their devices, apps and platforms. Healthcare but also health, wellness and nutrition all DO need clinical evidence to emerge.

    (*) Eugene Borukhovich Global Head, #DigitalHealth Incubation & Innovation @Bayer ,Co-Founder @questiongram, Health 2.0 NYC & AMS & DUS,
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