martes, 2 de mayo de 2017

Branded content / Qué es?

“…intense interest in health content 
is a rich opportunity to engage, 
inform, support, and motivate 
key customer constituencies”

Pharma and content marketing 

It’s safe to say content marketing is here to stay. So what is pharma doing with it? Less than they should be as usual. It was two years behind everyone else according to the CMI when I wrote that first post and there are still articles out there asking ‘Who will lead healthcare marketing out of the dark ages?’. 

 The clearest focus of the content marketing being done in pharma is in influencing the opinions and behaviors of HCPs. Pharma has been using whitepapers and KOL content forever in this aspect. What’s changed is the increased reach possible with digital distribution, and the ability to control content release schedules. 

On the consumer side, public confidence in pharma is less than inspiring. Telling some trust affirming stories about drug effectiveness, drug development and social responsibility efforts would appear to be shooting at an open goal. In a study by Kantar Media, 47 percent of patients said reading stories online from fellow patients made them feel better about their own treatment. 

As Michael Maher, president at ID Health, put in a recent MM&M post: “…intense interest in health content is a rich opportunity to engage, inform, support, and motivate key customer constituencies”. 

All pharma has to do is come up with some well-crafted content marketing strategies to engage a specific patient groups. 

How hard can that be? (Más)

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