viernes, 17 de marzo de 2017

Cinema Paradiso: Bought / JEFF HAYS

It’s the movie that you will tell your family and friends: “OK, just 90 minutes and I won’t say another word.” 

It’s the movie that reminds you why you drive a 13 year-old car and spend all your money on organic food and supplements. 

It’s the movie that clarifies why you repeatedly risk losing your friends, livelihood, reputation, and community by speaking out. 

It’s the movie that explains, with compassion, why many people don’t. 

It’s the movie about the trifecta of Big Government, Big Food, and Big Pharma; the little guys in the middle; and the way out of this mess. 

It’s a hopeful, heartbreaking, and humanitarian movie that has the potential to catalyze a social revolution.(Más)

BOUGHT – A MINDBLOWING film by Jeff Hays – is a real eye opener, focusing on how our health is literally being bought by big business, with vaccines and GMO being the central concerns. 

The subject of vaccines has long been a controversial one. Don’t be put off by the thought of being left in turmoil as to what’s the right or wrong answer. 

This film doesn’t outright tell us not to vaccinate our children, but rather that the choice of doing so should be an educated one, rather than a blind decision that we have no choice in. 

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